Key services

Energy Efficiency Consulting

 We provide a broad suite of energy efficiency consulting solutions, as detailed below.

Freelancing and subcontracting

 We provide short-term or extended freelancing engineer services to fill gaps in your team's technical capabilities. 


 Training for facility managers and technical staff. 

Energy performance services

Energy roadmaps

We will help you develop a list of priorities to help you achieve your targets, including building tuning, upgrade planning, renewable energy and power purchase agreements (PPA).

Energy audits

Having been trained by the best in the industry, our Australian Standard energy audits are high quality and provide real energy efficiency solutions, fully scoped for implementation. 

Building Performance Optimisation

We are an industry leader in building performance optimisation and energy management. We been directly involved with award-winning projects with results of up to 6.0 stars for NABERS energy without GreenPower. 

NABERS Assessments

We have extensive experience in delivering accurate and compliant NABERS ratings and BEECs, and identifying key areas for improvement.

Independant Commissioning

We can provide:

  • Functional description reviews
  • Witness testing
  • Post commissioning reviews
  • ICA services energy efficiency

Design Reviews

We can review:

  • Base building mechanical design concepts
  • Tenant fitout designs (energy efficiency and NABERS impact)